Rentals : Ryan P Means Legion Hut

Reservations: Please contact the post at least 30-60 days in advance in order to secure the date of your choice.  Please check the calendar for availability first and then contact our facility manager for your reservation at Someone will be in touch within 2-3 days.

Location: American Legion Post 140 is located at 3905 Powers Ferry Road, Atlanta, Georgia 30342.

Parking: Free parking and handicapped access is available.

Security: Security for all events (if needed) must be provided and paid for by the event sponsor.

Capacity: The building is rated for 122 people, but we encourage prospective renters to view the space to ensure it will meet their needs.

Walk-through: A meeting of all involved parties (event sponsor, caterer, decorator, the Post’s representative, etc.) must be scheduled no less than 2 weeks in advance of the event (if applicable).

Promotional Material: Use of the name or logo of the American Legion or any reference to the Facilities, including, without limitation, such use in any advertising or notice relating to the use of the Facilities as contemplated herein without the express written permission from the Facility Rentals Coordinator is prohibited.

Signage: All signage must be provided by the Event Sponsor and approved by the Facility Rentals Coordinator prior to the event. Please ask for guidance in displaying signs as they should not be nailed, taped or stapled to the walls.

Deliveries: The American Legion Post 140 staff will not accept or sign for deliveries in connection with the event.

Equipment Set-up and Removal: Arrangements must be cleared in advance with the Facility Rentals Coordinator. American Legion Post 140 cannot assume responsibility for items left by caterers, suppliers, guests or the Event Sponsor.

Alcohol: Alcohol is permitted on the American Legion Post 140 property.  Please refer to the Rental Agreement for details.

Smoking: Smoking is permitted in designated outside areas on the American Legion Post 140 property. Smoking inside the building will be grounds for forfeiture of the rental deposit.

Payment: Fees for the rental are due in two installments. A $500 rental deposit accompanying the signed rental agreement is required to guarantee the rental date. The rental fee is due two weeks prior to the event. The rental deposit will be returned to the Event Sponsor no later than 5 business days after the event occurs.

Current rental rates are:

Breakfast/Lunch - $300 (typically 2-3 hrs)

Evening - $800 (typically 5 - 11 pm)

Full Day - $1200

Cleaning: Rental clients are expected to remove their items and dispose of their trash in the dumpster located in the parking lot. Please clean up any spills and lightly sweep.  A general rule of thumb is to leave our Post as good or better than you find it.

End Time: Rental clients are expected to vacate the premises by the agreed-upon end time defined in the rental agreement.

Cancellation Policy: Either party may cancel this agreement with 30 days written notice.

Please refer to the rental agreement for additional information.

News and Upcoming Events

Business Meetings
We meet monthly at 1800 on the second Monday of each month.

Friday Happy Hour
Check the calendar to find out when the smoking lamp is lit! Always BYOB, but come out and enjoy the weather on our fabulous deck.